Grazing boards, also sometimes known a chacuterie boards or platters, are easy to put together and perfect for entertaining. And we’ve got a great list of winning ingredient ideas for your next Grazing Board.

The thing about grazing boards is that there are no rules, so don’t worry about it looking perfect, make it look delicious instead. We eat with our eyes afterall!

Try using 2 to 3 of each of the food groups below:

1. Meats

Mild and hot salami, proscuttio, cabana, ham or other cold, cooked and cured meats are perfect. While not techinally a meat, smoked salmon is also a winner to include. You’ll be able to pick all these up from Scotch and Fillet or Woolworths.

2. Crackers

Include a couple of different varieties of crackers, biscuits or crunchy bread sticks., like rice crackers, almond bread, wafer crackers, toasted pita bread, pretzels or even your tradition Savoys.You could even pick up a bread stick from Bakers Delight and add slices of the bread stick to your board. Consider any dietry requirements when you make your selection, keeping in mind anyone that is gluten free.

3. Dips and Spreads

There’s always heaps of dips and spreads to choose from so we suggest picking a crowd pleaser (e.g. Hommus or Tztaziki) and one to two other dips or spreads that are a favourite of yours. Salsa is also a great addition.

4. Cheeses

It’s not a real grazing board if it doesn’t have cheese! Adding one or two soft cheeses like cammbert or brie and at least two (or 10 😉) good hard cheeses, like a cheddar, smoked cheddar or a sharp tasty,will provide a good selection and should team well with other ingredients on the board.

5. Fruits and Nuts

Don’t overlook the fruit! Slices of apple or even dried fruits like apricots and dates are great sweet additions to the platter and can compliment the savoury ingrients. We also suggest adding other fresh fruits like figs, peaches, grapes, strawberries, cherries or any other good in season fruit. Nuts are also good snacks to include, and are great for filling gaps on the board. But we suggest checking that there are no nut allergies among your guests before adding them.

6. Something a little different

If you’re looking to add something that little bit extra to your platter, sushi is a great finger to add. If you’re short on time or would prefer already made sushi pop by Sushi Sushi and pick up a couple of your favourite rolls, cut them up and add them to your platter.

Sometimes you have a couple of guests with dietary requirements and still aren’t sure on what might be best, Woolworths have some great recipes that are vegan, vegetarian and others that are gluten free.

We hope these ideas help you create the perfect grazing board for your next occasion.

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