There’s no better time to get stuck into the garden than the start of spring! The warmer climate, coupled with longer days and more sunshine make for optimal conditions when it comes to planting many varieties of fruits, vegetables and flower seeds. With more time at home these days, it can be therapeutic to get out in the garden, tackle those pesky weeds and create that herb or veggie garden you have been meaning to do!

Follow our easy spring gardening tips to have you on your way to the perfect garden:


This is a job many of us put off for another day but with spring time upon us, dedicate a weekend to tackling those pesky weeds so you can clean up your garden and promote healthy growth of existing and new plants. Manual weeding is the best and safest option for weed removal by avoiding chemicals and pesticides. For best results , remove weeds from the root.

Prepare your soil

Healthy soil is crucial to optimise growing conditions for seeds and seedlings. After harsh winter conditions, it is important to prepare your soil well for the spring and summer climate. You can do this by digging your soil and using a rake to remove dead grass and weeds and aerate the soil. Adding organic mulch and manure also enhances the quality of the soil for planting. Water the soil and add mulch, leaves or even hay to protect the soil and encourage beneficial insects like earthworms and spiders that will keep pests in check.

Sow the seeds

Due to the climate, spring time is a welcome opportunity to plant many varieties of seeds. Head to All Green  for a comprehensive list of flowers, veggies and herbs that are best to plant in spring time in Melbourne.

Involve your children in gardening

Most children will marvel at the prospect of helping out in the garden. Little people love to get their little hands dirty and feel involved, so why not consider getting your child to plant their own seeds and look after a dedicated area. They can create their own little garden or even have their own veggie/herb patch to water daily and watch grow.

Build a raised garden bed

For the ultimate DIY project this spring, why not consider building your own raised garden bed where you can plant and harvest a large number of plants. Homes to Love have a great step by step guide on how best to build your own garden bed from scratch, you can check it out here.

Garden design

If you have numerous ideas and visions floating around in your head but want to see a visual representation before you make any long-term commitments look no further than a garden planner app. Here you can create and design your own garden based on your visions to get the perfect layout.

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