Mother’s Day is almost here, and it is such a great day to spend time with the special mothers in your life. If you are unsure of what to get your mother, or you are out of ideas for fun ways to spend time with her, we have you covered with some great Mother’s Day gift ideas.

1)     The gift of time and pampering

Is the mum you have in mind for a gift always madly rushing around doing a million things on her very long to-do list? Does your mum always put others first and never have time to pamper herself? Why not gift her some time by doing some of those chores yourself and treat her to a beautiful manicure with a voucher for Queenie Nails. Another idea could be to treat your mum to a relaxing massage with a voucher from Green Bamboo Massage.

2)     Fun gifts

If you are looking for a fun gift or homewares, Fantastic Home and Gifts have a variety of options. There is sure to be something she will love.

3)     Gift card with a personalised message of love

Why not pick up a lovely card from Thrift Park Sub News and write a personal message of how much she means to you. She is bound to love the personal touch.

4)     Breakfast in bed

Treat Mum to the traditional breakfast in bed by picking up her favourite scones, scrolls or bread from Baker’s Delight and serving them up on a plate with a cup of tea or coffee. To make this breakfast in bed a little special, pair it with one of our other Mother’s Day ideas in this list.

5)     A picnic in the park with Mum

Why not pop down to Woolworths, pick up her favourite snacks and treats, and take her to your local park for a beautiful picnic.

6)     A gift of your time

A great way to spend the day with your mum is to ask her what she would like to do and make sure that no matter what it is, you spend it with her as she will love the company.


We hope this list of Mother’s Day gift ideas helps you to celebrate the mothers in your life. To keep up to date with our latest news, follow us on Facebook.