Keeping your kids entertained during lockdown

Well Melbourne, here we are with lockdown 2.0 and you may be thinking how on earth can I keep the kids entertained second time around?

This is certainly a challenging time for many families as they navigate tough restrictions, home schooling, work commitments, park closures and more.

So, take a breath, we have been through it once, we can do it again and here are some of our handy tips to keep your kids entertained during lockdown:

Pen pals

While it may be a new concept to your kids that us oldies actually used to send letters instead of emails, it can be fun to get your kids to write a letter to their friend and send it in the mail. Ask friends and family who would like to be involved, get their address and start writing. If your child isn’t quite at the writing stage, why not get them to draw a picture, colour in a drawing or decorate something with stickers. You will be surprised how excited a child can get receiving a letter in the letterbox!

Cubby houses, puppet shows & make-believe adventures

You don’t need much more than a good imagination, a couple of sheets and some chairs to create the ultimate indoor cubby or puppet show. Kids love it when an adult can get involved at their level of story-telling. Sail the high seas, navigate alien invasions, steer clear of pirates – the possibilities are endless. And your kids will love the adventure!

Treasure & scavenger hunts

This is a great way to keep kids entertained by hunting for treasures and can be done both indoors and outdoors. Why not come up with a list of treasure items the kids have to find, print off a list and get them searching! Some areas in Melbourne have even started Where’s Wally hunts and Where is the Green Sheep walks. All of which can be done in your own home! Good House Keeping have some great resources on creating scavenger hunts that you can find here.

Games nights

Why not dedicate a day or night during the week to play your favourite board games and card games? Classic games such as Uno and Snap are great for the young ones and can help consolidate learning numbers, patterns and colours. Games like Twister, Operation, Pictionary, Scrabble are classics games to get the kids involved in, and if you’re up for a challenge, there is always a game of Monopoly to be had!

Get baking

You would be surprised how much some kids enjoy baking and being involved in the cooking process. Make a list of foods you would like to bake each week and have your kids help out in the kitchen. With so many recipes online to choose from, you are sure to find a tasty recipe or two that will keep everyone happy! Woolworths have some great recipes suitable for kids here.

How have you been keeping your kids entertained during lockdown? Let us know on our Facebook page.