Easter scavenger hunts and egg hunts are always great fun for the whole family. Whether you’re putting together a traditional scavenger hunt and need some new clues to use, or you need a little inspiration, we hope this helps!

Scavenger Hunt Clues

Scavenger hunts can be heaps of fun, but coming up with new clues each year can be tricky. Try some of these this year:

  • If you open me up and take a look, you’ll find a nice cold treat (fridge)
  • I have four legs, but cannot walk. You sit at me when you use a fork (kitchen table)
  • I can’t mix batter, but I can bake a cake. (oven)
  • You’ll find me with my pair ready to wear (a pair of shoes)
  • A story, they say, can take you to a place far away. But a book still needs a place to stay. (bookshelf)
  • Use me once in the morning and once at night, and I’ll keep your smile nice and white. (Toothbrush)
  • You fill me up and drain when done. Adding bubbles is always fun! (bathtub)
  • I am where you watch your favourite TV show, and at night I like to glow. (TV)

To save you time below are the clues ready to go. Just save the image, print and then cut them out. Oh, and don’t forget to hide them!

Thrift Park Easter Scavenger hunt clues

Easter Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Egg Hunt

The traditional egg hunt always provides great entertainment not only the kids but the adults too. If you’ve got the job of hiding the eggs or are in charge of the egg hunt it can sometimes be difficult working out ways for it to be fair for everyone in the family, especially when there’s a large age range. To make bit easier for the younger ones, draw up a map of the egg hunt area and pop an egg symbol on the areas that have quite a few of the eggs. Or instead give them clues of where the eggs are.

Puzzle Scavenger Hunt

If allergies or dietary requirements mean you can’t use the traditional chocolate eggs in the Easter egg hunt grab some plastic reusable eggs instead. Pop part of a message, word, letter or even a puzzle piece inside. The kids then need to work together to find all the eggs and put together the message or puzzle. The message may even reveal where a extra special treat is hidden.

Reward Hunt

Chocolate isn’t the only great treat to use; kids will love non chocolate rewards too. For something a bit different, write up different rewards on pieces of paper and pop them inside reusable eggs or just hide them around the house. Some examples could be “choose dinner”, “go for a bike ride”, “movie night”, “skip chores for days” or “15 minutes extra screen time”. They will make great surprises for the kids.

Competitive Egg Hunt

Scavenger hunts can bring out the competitive sides of many in the family! Why not add in a twist to make the usual egg hunt a bit more challenging? Grab some Easter eggs that have different colours or patterns and assign each person a specific colour or pattern of eggs and on their hunt they can only collect the ones that match. This will add in some extra fun, and rivalry.

Easter Activities at Thrift Park

Looking for some more Easter fun for the kids? Join us at Thrift Park Shopping Centre at 11am to 2pm on Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 April for free craft activities. Plus join us for story time at 12pm and 1pm on both days. Find out more here.

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