A nice hot soup is perfect on a cold winters’ day, and we’ve got some tips for making a quick and easy homemade soup.

1. Microwave

We all love the microwave, and it’s the perfect time saver. Heating your stock in the microwave before adding it to your soup pot is great for speeding up the cooking process.

2. Selecting your veggies

Soups that include hardy vegetables, like potato, often take longer to cook compared to tomato soup or soups with corn and leek. So decide if you need a quick soup fix or a hearty meal and then choose your ingredients accordingly.

3. Quick proteins

Veggie soups are always delicious and quick, but if you want to add some protein in your soup bacon, thick cut ham and chicken are good options. If you can’t wait for the chicken thighs or breast to cook, pick up a cooked BBQ chicken from Woolworths, it’ll be easy to shred and add. Or pop a couple of eggs into your soup a couple minutes before the soup is finished and the eggs will cook in those final minutes, adding some easy protein. Drop by Scotch and Fillet Thrift Park for your meats and free-range eggs.

4. Keep it simple and small

A quick soup doesn’t have to be short on flavour or veggies. If you love flavour full or hardy veggies like potato or pumpkin, cut up the veggies smaller as this will help them cook quickly.

5. Speedy presentation

Instead of the usual soup in a bowl, pick up a couple of sourdough rolls from Bakers Delight. Cut the tops off and remove the filling. Pop them in the oven at 180 degrees for 5-8 minutes. Then pull them out of the oven and pour your soup inside. It’s great for reducing the dishes to wash up at the end and you get to eat the crusty soup covered bread at the end. Delish!

Quick soup recipe

Woolworths have some great quick soup recipes to choose from, and one of our favourites is One-Pot Meatball & Basil Pesto Soup. This recipe only takes 20 minutes and serves 4.

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