Spring is here, the weather is warming up, the school holidays aren’t too far away and unfortunately, we’re still impacted by restrictions. If you have time between remote learning, and juggling working from home, or being an essential worker, we have 5 ideas for some fun family time.

1)     Gardening Fun

Spring is the perfect time to hit the garden! Flowers, veggies, herbs, we’ve found some advice on what’s best to plant this time of year.Get the kids to pick out the plants or veggies and help you plant them all. They can be given jobs for maintaining the plants, like watering and weeding, and if you planted veggies, the picking and helping with the cooking.

2)    New craft ideas for the kids

With flowers in an abundance in Spring it’s a great time to use them for craft activities. Everyone loves an old school daisy chain! But more than that, flowers are great for things like dipping into paint and making patterns and fun paintings, or for experimenting with fun homemade perfumes. You could even press them between baking paper and two books. Once left for a week or so they are perfect for putting on bookmarks, making handmade cards and for scrapbooking. For more crafty ideas for using flowers, check out this list for the kids, and some ideas for the home.

3)     Dinner outside

Sometimes the simple things create the best memories. When you’re finally able to, take the family down to the beach for a picnic dinner.  Whether you pack a delicious hamper with dips, deli meats, and crackers, or get some yummy takeaway from Crunch Pizza or Sushi Sushi, the whole family will love enjoying dinner on the beach watching the sunset.

4)     Spring cleaning and organising

Yes, we uttered those words! Spring cleaning! It’s the perfect time to deep clean the oven and bathroom de-clutter some spaces in the house and get organised and ready for the festive season. Pop into Woolworths to stock up on your cleaning supplies.

5)     DIY Ideas

After you’ve got some decluttering out of the way, take a look at any furniture or items you want to get rid of – can they be re-purposed? If you’re keen for some DIY or upcycle ideas, check out this great list of DIYs.

We hope this has sparked some ideas for some family time mixed with getting some things done! To keep up to date with our latest news, follow us on Facebook.