With Father’s Day almost here we have compiled a list of ideas to help you celebrate your dad, Grandpa or a special father figure in your life.

1)     Fun gifts

If you are looking for a fun gift check out this list of great present ideas for Dad for Father’s Day. There is sure to be something he will have fun with.

2)     A personalised present

Pick up a card from Thrift Park Sub News and write a message about how much your dad means to you. He is bound to love the personal touch and effort. If you feel you’re not much of a writer, you could find another way to add that personal touch.  Create a gift filled with things your dad loves. Like his favourite snacks in a jar with a label of “Dad’s Snacks. Hands Off!” or another gift that you know he will appreciate. Here’s some fun handmade gift ideas from Good Housekeeping that the kids can help with.

3)     Breakfast in bed

Treat Dad to the traditional breakfast in bed with his favourite, scroll, pastry or bread from Baker’s Delight. Or instead cook him a delicious hot brekky, here are some great recipes.

4)     A special lunch or dinner

It’s usually a Father’s Day favourite to do, but get out for a family lunch or dinner at dad’s favourite restaurant or café. Or grab takeaway from Crunch Pizza and enjoy some family move time watching Dad’s favourite movie or show.

5)     A gift of your time

Often it’s the simple things that are appreciated the most. A great idea is to just spend some time with your dad doing something you both love, or getting the kids together and spending time together as a family. Whether it’s getting the Lego out, going for a walk, cooking together, getting into the garden or grabbing the football and going to the local oval, make fun memories while spending quality time together.


Hopefully you’ve got some ideas for Father’s Day and have fun arranging surprises for Dad. To keep up to date with our latest news, follow us on Facebook.