As a side dish or main dish, salads are delicious! And here’s 3 great salad ideas to give you some inspiration for next time.

1. Try Something New

When it’s hot, do you crave something cold and fresh for dinner rather than a heavy meal?  Sometimes the traditional salads become overdone and it’s easy to want something new to try. Here’s some unique and flavour filled recipes from Woolworths that will help.

Our top picks from Woolworths to try are:

2. Love Veggie Salads?

Nothing beats a fresh bowl of veggies with a few greens and a delicious dressing.  This simple honey and lemon juice dressing from Jamie Oliver is worth trying out! Another great idea is to add some freshly baked croutons to your salad for some delicious crunchy pieces. Croutons are always best made with your favourite loaf of bread from Bakers Delight Thrift Park. To make your croutons simply dice your bread into cubes, pop them in a bowl tossed with olive oil and then into the oven on a baking tray lined with baking paper until golden brown.


3. For Seafood Lovers

If you’re someone who loves all things seafood, then you’ll know that the perfect seafood salad   is kept simple so the seafood can shine. Prepare  spinach (or other leafy lettuce), cherry tomatoes, red onion, and cucumber in a bowl and then throw in your cold or just off the BBQ prawns in. If you wanted to take your seafood salad to the next level we recommend picking up some banana prawns from Fishi Business. Add them in plain or cook garlic prawns to add extra flavour to your salad. Or give this recipe from Woolworths a try.


Hopefully you’ve now got a little inspo to help with dinner, or even your next BBQ or dinner party.

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