Christmas Recipes

Are you hosting Christmas this year and not sure what to cook to impress your guests? Or do you need to bring a plate of food that will wow the hosts?

Christmas recipes don’t have to be complicated and time consuming.

We want to take the stress out of Christmas day by sharing our top picks- so you can just enjoy the company of great friends and family.

Here are our top tips for fun and delicious Christmas recipes.

No-cook smoked salmon wreath

This delicious recipe from is an easy, no-cook recipe that you can have ready in under 30 minutes. It’s the perfect starter or entrée recipe that also adds to the Christmas festivities as you can arrange it in a wreath. Guests can enjoy nibbling on this as an entrée’ or you can serve as a side with a main meal.

Prawn Cocktail Cob

This epic cob recipe from Baker’s Delight is the ultimate seafood spread. Perfect for a summer Christmas, fire up the BBQ or your oven and get cooking. Not only does this taste great, but it looks impressive and will have your guests mouths watering. Head to Baker’s Delight for the white cob and this also pairs well with their sourdough rolls.

Christmas turkey with gingerbread stuffing

This Woolworths recipe is an absolute winner for dishing up a delicious main meal. This will take you around 6 hours to both prepare and cook so make sure you have enough time up your sleeve. But the effort is certainly worth the reward. This recipe serves up to 20 guests and pairs well with roasted potatoes and bay leaves.

Banoffee Pavlova

Nothing is more iconic than a pavlova dessert for a summer Christmas; but this one is a spin-off from the original for something a bit different. Wow your guests with this delectable pavlova with a banoffee twist! This is so delicious, you might need to make a second batch as it won’t last long!

Aperol Spritz Summer Cocktail

This is the quintessential summer cocktail for a refreshing beverage. BWS have the perfect Aperol Spritz recipe here. For a non-alcoholic mocktail, try this delicious Apple and Raspberry Mocktail recipe from Woolworths. Both refreshing and delicious to keep your guests happy!

From all here at Thrift Park Shopping Centre, we wish you and your family a very happy holiday season!

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Christmas Gift Ideas At Thrift Park

Christmas Gift Ideas At Thrift Park

It is hard to believe Christmas is just around the corner so in light of this, it’s a good idea to get yourself sorted early to avoid the last-minute shopping frenzy. Thrift Park is your one stop convenience centre for all things Christmas, from decorations, to nifty gift ideas to stocking fillers – you can find what you need. Here are some Christmas gift ideas to get you started:

Christmas Hamper

If you are struggling to find that perfect present for a loved one, why not consider a personalised hamper made of up goodies chosen by yours truly? There’s no better way to individualise a present than choosing bits and bobs to make a beautiful hamper. Browse the aisles of Fantastic Home & Gifts for quality gifts, dash into Woolworths to add some delectable chocolates and for that bottle of sparkling, BWS is your go to shop.

Pampering Gifts

Sometimes the best option we can give that someone special is the gift of some needed pampering. Green Bamboo Massage is the perfect place for a relaxing massage so why not consider a voucher or pre-book an appointment as a gift this year! Or how about the gift of a manicure or pedicure from Queenie Nails?

Adventure Gifts

For those wanting to do gifts differently this year, there is always the option of offering to take that special someone out somewhere instead. Are they someone that could do with a day out with their partner so you can offer to babysit the kids? Would they love to have a beautiful meal cooked for them so they can take a break? Would they love a picnic in a park or a hike with a friend? Given this year has been so different and challenging, thinking outside the square with gift ideas can be worthwhile. Gifts don’t always have to be ‘physical things’, they can be the gift of time, company, adventure and pampering! Head to Red Balloon for a wide range of adventure gift ideas!

Kris Kringle and Secret Santa presents

Are you stuck for Kris Kringle present ideas? Did you draw a name out of a hat and have no idea what to get them? KK and Secret Santa can get tricky if you don’t know the person well but you’re sure to find something at Thrift Park. Think chocolates, home décor, a bottle of bubbly, or board games. Try not to worry if you don’t know the person well, after all it is meant to be a bit of fun!!

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Spring Gardening Tips

Spring Gardening

Spring gardening tips

There’s no better time to get stuck into the garden than the start of spring! The warmer climate, coupled with longer days and more sunshine make for optimal conditions when it comes to planting many varieties of fruits, vegetables and flower seeds. With more time at home these days, it can be therapeutic to get out in the garden, tackle those pesky weeds and create that herb or veggie garden you have been meaning to do!

Follow our easy spring gardening tips to have you on your way to the perfect garden:


This is a job many of us put off for another day but with spring time upon us, dedicate a weekend to tackling those pesky weeds so you can clean up your garden and promote healthy growth of existing and new plants. Manual weeding is the best and safest option for weed removal by avoiding chemicals and pesticides. For best results , remove weeds from the root.

Prepare your soil

Healthy soil is crucial to optimise growing conditions for seeds and seedlings. After harsh winter conditions, it is important to prepare your soil well for the spring and summer climate. You can do this by digging your soil and using a rake to remove dead grass and weeds and aerate the soil. Adding organic mulch and manure also enhances the quality of the soil for planting. Water the soil and add mulch, leaves or even hay to protect the soil and encourage beneficial insects like earthworms and spiders that will keep pests in check.

Sow the seeds

Due to the climate, spring time is a welcome opportunity to plant many varieties of seeds. Head to All Green for a comprehensive list of flowers, veggies and herbs that are best to plant in spring time in Melbourne.

Involve your children in gardening

Most children will marvel at the prospect of helping out in the garden. Little people love to get their little hands dirty and feel involved, so why not consider getting your child to plant their own seeds and look after a dedicated area. They can create their own little garden or even have their own veggie/herb patch to water daily and watch grow.

Build a raised garden bed

For the ultimate DIY project this spring, why not consider building your own raised garden bed where you can plant and harvest a large number of plants. Homes to Love have a great step by step guide on how best to build your own garden bed from scratch, you can check it out here.

Garden design

If you have numerous ideas and visions floating around in your head but want to see a visual representation before you make any long-term commitments look no further than a garden planner app. Here you can create and design your own garden based on your visions to get the perfect layout.

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Celebrating Grand Final Day In Lockdown

Celebrating Grand Final Day


Melbourne may not be hosting this years beloved AFL grand final, however we shouldn’t let that stop us from being able to celebrate it in some way or another. If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that we can adapt and find new ways to communicate with each other. So we may not be at the MCG this year, celebrating at a local pub, or friend’s house but there are still some creative ways to celebrate grand final day in lockdown.


For many of us, prior to lockdown, we had never even heard of Zoom before, yet now it has become a common form of communication amongst family and friends. Grand final day can be the perfect opportunity to organise a virtual zoom to connect with other footy fans and watch the game together.


Go one up with the zoom and make it a footy feast/dinner party. Design your menu, recipes and ingredients list, share this with your friends and get cooking at the same time. Sit down to enjoy your virtual dinner party together whilst watching the game.


Don’t let lockdown stop you from that quintessential grand final day BBQ feast. So there may not be many guests except those in your home, but you can still certainly cook up a feast to enjoy over the game. Head to Woolworths and BWS for all your food and beverage needs. Not sure what to cook? For inspiration, look no further than Woolworths delectable range of recipes here.


Cooking not your jam? No need to worry. Thrift Park have got you covered for take away options so you can just focus on watching the game. Grab a fresh pizza from Crunch Gourmet Pizza, or grab a sub from Subway. You can also relive that footy experience and grab yourself a delicious pie from Thrift Park Pies & Cakes.


Why not create a prize pool with your friends, pull some players names out of a hat, write down some categories and see who picks the right player! Categories could be anything from which player kicks the first goal, to who wins the Norm Smith - there are so many options. Get together online and have some fun with family and friends during the game!

Don’t let lockdown stop you from celebrating one of Melbourne’s iconic sporting events. Heads to Thrift park for all your supplies for grand final day. Find us on Facebook.

Keeping Your Kids Entertained During Lockdown

Well Melbourne, here we are with lockdown 2.0 and you may be thinking how on earth can I keep the kids entertained second time around?

This is certainly a challenging time for many families as they navigate tough restrictions, home schooling, work commitments, park closures and more.

So, take a breath, we have been through it once, we can do it again and here are some of our handy tips to keep your kids entertained during lockdown:

Pen pals

While it may be a new concept to your kids that us oldies actually used to send letters instead of emails, it can be fun to get your kids to write a letter to their friend and send it in the mail. Ask friends and family who would like to be involved, get their address and start writing. If your child isn’t quite at the writing stage, why not get them to draw a picture, colour in a drawing or decorate something with stickers. You will be surprised how excited a child can get receiving a letter in the letterbox!

Cubby houses, puppet shows & make-believe adventures

You don’t need much more than a good imagination, a couple of sheets and some chairs to create the ultimate indoor cubby or puppet show. Kids love it when an adult can get involved at their level of story-telling. Sail the high seas, navigate alien invasions, steer clear of pirates - the possibilities are endless. And your kids will love the adventure!

Treasure & scavenger hunts

This is a great way to keep kids entertained by hunting for treasures and can be done both indoors and outdoors. Why not come up with a list of treasure items the kids have to find, print off a list and get them searching! Some areas in Melbourne have even started Where’s Wally hunts and Where is the Green Sheep walks. All of which can be done in your own home! Good House Keeping have some great resources on creating scavenger hunts that you can find here.

Games nights

Why not dedicate a day or night during the week to play your favourite board games and card games? Classic games such as Uno and Snap are great for the young ones and can help consolidate learning numbers, patterns and colours. Games like Twister, Operation, Pictionary, Scrabble are classics games to get the kids involved in, and if you’re up for a challenge, there is always a game of Monopoly to be had!

Get baking

You would be surprised how much some kids enjoy baking and being involved in the cooking process. Make a list of foods you would like to bake each week and have your kids help out in the kitchen. With so many recipes online to choose from, you are sure to find a tasty recipe or two that will keep everyone happy! Woolworths have some great recipes suitable for kids here.

How have you been keeping your kids entertained during lockdown? Let us know on our Facebook page.

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